Eurosteam® is a brand that is committed to high quality and high performance products designed to make chores at home easier, faster and chemical free. One of its amazing products is the X Vapor Steamer.

Eurosteam® Xvapor 1500 Steamer uses superheated steam to clean efficiently without leaving behind traces of moisture. It is lightweight and small so you can easily and conveniently use it around the house. Its stainless steel boiler can generate steam at a powerful 5 bar pressure.

Eurosteam® Xvapor 1500 Steamer can be used to remove various kinds of stains including grease build up on your stove, as well as red wine and oil from the carpet. It can also be used to sanitize different kinds of surfaces including flooring, kitchen counters and even your kids’ toys and stuffed animals.


How does Eurosteam® Xvapor 1500 Steamer use steam to remove stains?

Eurosteam® Xvapor 1500 Steamer emits steam at more than 100 degree Celsius. The hot steam can penetrate pores on different kinds of surfaces and works to weaken the physical bonds of dirt and stains on the surfaces. The process also results in killing any bacteria on the surface.

To create superheated steam, Eurosteam® Xvapor 1500 Steamer uses ordinary tap water. There is no need for any type of chemical, which makes it safe for the environment and around children and pets. Additionally, this makes Eurosteam® Xvapor 1500 Steamer safe to be used by persons who are sensitive to chemicals.

You can use Eurosteam® Xvapor 1500 Steamer for up to 50 minutes of steam cleaning. Simply add up to 1.6 liters (or 6 cups) of ordinary tap water to the boiler and wait for the ready light to turn off before using the steamer. If you use warm tap water, the time it takes to create superheated steam becomes shorter.


Where can you use Eurosteam® Xvapor 1500 Steamer?

Eurosteam® Xvapor 1500 Steamer can be used to clean various household surfaces and different areas of the house. These include tiled surfaces, sinks, faucets and showers, toilets, windows, glass and mirrored surfaces, and floorings such as hardwood, laminate, and linoleum. You can also use the unit to remove stubborn dirt and grime from a wide range of kitchen appliances including hood fans, stove tops and ovens. The superheated steam that Eurosteam® Xvapor 1500 Steamer releases can also be used to remove pet stains and odors as well as kill dust mites and molds on carpets, refreshing fabrics and other surfaces.