Hot Water Steam Cleaner

Eurosteam Hot Water Steam Cleaner
The Eurosteam hot water steam cleaner is a unique steam cleaner that simplifies and speeds up time consuming household cleaning. The hot water steam cleaner uses steam generated from regular tap water to efficiently deal with the most stubborn grime and dirt killing disease-causing bacteria and germs in the process. The hot water steamer is ideal for cleaning all types of surfaces and fabrics. Since the hot water steamer uses no cleaning chemicals, it helps you save money, and also makes cleaning healthier and safer. The hot water steam cleaner is helping people all over Canada by making household cleaning quicker, safer and easier.

Spotless Cleaning with Hot Water Steam Cleaner
Along with the many accessories that come with it, the hot water steam cleaner makes for a formidable machine to clean and disinfect even the most difficult areas and spots in your house. The hot water steamer is ready to use after just a few minutes of heating with a handy steam dispenser dial that helps you regulate the steam emitted. The stainless steel 1.6 litres boiler can work non-stop for one hour. The hot water steamer comes with a safety cap, as well as a continuous steam mode. Order your Eurosteam hot water steam cleaner today and forget all your cleaning troubles!

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