Fan Steam Cleaner

The Eurosteam fan steam cleaner is a simple, efficient and powerful steam cleaner that will solve all your cleaning related woes. The multi-purpose steam cleaner for fans can be used on any surface and is suitable for usage on all types of materials. The steamer uses steam generated from regular tap water to remove dirt and grime, while simultaneously sanitising the surface. The removal of harsh chemicals and tough cleaning agents from the process means that not only does your cleaning become safe and healthy, but you also end up saving money. The several detachable accessories that accompany the fan steamer ensure that curtains, fans, railings, nooks and corners and otherwise difficult to reach areas are cleaned without any effort!

Easy cleaning with Eurosteam Fan Steam Cleaner
Effective in cleaning rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, offices, garages, floors, windows and fabrics, the steam cleaner is known for being formidable. After heating up for just a few minutes, the steamer can clean up to one full hour, and has a continuous steam dispenses mode as well. Thousands of people all over Canada are benefitting from the effective cleaning of the steamer, and saving time, energy and money while cleaning.

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