Spring in Canada means; that I need to get out to the garage and clean up all the grit and grime that winter has left behind. All of the gravel from the roads, dirt from the car and even the garage windows seemed gritty this year. I was looking for a garage steam cleaner and realized that I could use my Eurosteam® XVapor 1500 steam cleaner to do some of the work for me. A steam cleaned garage is a first but if I am going healthy and green cleaning inside then I can use a garage steam cleaner to have that space just as clean. I add water to the steam cleaner and because it is so easily portable I take it out to the garage to heat up.

I have never used my Eurosteam® XVapor 1500 steam cleaner on windows before but it does come with a squeegee attachment that is stored in the tool box attached to the steam cleaner. I put on the adapter nozzle and the window squeegee and let the high pressure steam come out as I pulled the squeegee down the window, once the window was done I dried the sill with a clean rag. I did the same thing on the inside and outside, it made it really easy, as the XVapor 1500 steam cleaner is portable. Windows are now spotless and it is on to the sweep out. Using the XVapor 1500 as a garage steamer is just another way to clean and keep it green.