Canadian homes can have mold just about anywhere and it is important to kill the mold in order to get rid of it properly. The bathroom and shower area provide mold with all that it needs to survive; moisture and a constant food source such as body oils, hair and soap scum build up. One of the best ways to kill mold and keep it away is to steam clean mold.

The Eurosteam® XVapor will steam clean mold and kill any spores immediately. The XVapor is a mold steam cleaner that is a powerful cleaning tool to eliminate 99.9% of dust mites, germs, mold, and fungus. As opposed to the typical bleach cleaning that is bad for your health and does not kill mold it just makes it invisible.

A real deep mold steam cleaning not only makes my bathroom look and smell clean, but gives me the confidence of knowing that it is clean on a microscopic level as well. All of the onboard tools can be used to kill the mold and because the Eurosteam® XVapor is portable for easy travel, multi-purpose and uses high pressure steam; it is the perfect tool to have to ensure that you have a safe environment in your home.

Mold can cause allergic and asthmatic reactions in allergy and asthma sufferers and steam cleaning mold is one less allergen to trigger reactions. Use the Eurosteam® XVapor steam cleaner to kill mold in your bathroom and you will realize that it seems like it was almost designed for this area of your home, and it will make your life a whole lot easier and heathier.