The Eurosteam Xvapor uses water heated in the stainless-steel boiler tank for steam cleaning.   It generates temperatures of up to 360ºF, to kill 99.9% of fungus, mold, bacteria, and other allergens. The hot water steam loosens dirt on hard surfaces and in soft fibers, so it can be wiped or vacuumed. The vapor in the XVapor steam cleaner contains about 5% water, which is drier than the air we breathe.

The Eurosteam® XVapor steam cleaner uses “dry” vapor steam to clean, sanitize/disinfect, and remove most stains and buildup. Our steam cleaner is ideal for hard surfaces, like sealed floors and tile and grout and spot cleaning of softer materials like carpets and upholstery. In Canada, every home should have the Eurosteam® XVapor steam cleaner.

There are several reasons why hot water steam cleaning might be good for you to use in your home:

  • Steam cleaning is eco-friendly – no chemicals are involved.
  • Steam cleaning uses heat to disinfect or sanitise nearly all household surfaces.
  • Steam evaporates quickly, so surfaces dry faster than when cleaned with water.
  • Steam cleaning is excellent for those difficult-to-clean cracks and crevices.
  • Steam can dissolve hard-to-remove substances like ground-in wax, glue, and chewing gum.

Great for use on Upholstery, Mattresses, Curtains and Carpets, Sealed Floors, Tiles, Ceramic and Metal Fixtures, Glass and Mirrors. Kitchen Appliances, sanitize garbage cans, cutting boards, the fridge and freezer.  Other Items that the Eurosteam is great for includes the following:

  • Filters and grills (air-conditioning, cooker hood, barbecue)
  • Lawn mower
  • Car interiors
  • Golf clubs
  • Pet beds, cages, and litter boxes
  • Children’s toys and baby changing areas