Eurosteam® XVapor Steam Cleaner


Cleaning with the power of the Eurosteam® XVapor is EASY, chemical free and fast.  It can be used on almost any surface including:

  • Bathrooms: toilets, showers, sinks, faucets
  • Kitchens: all appliances, counters, floors, greasy hood fans, food prep areas
  • Windows, screens, sliding glass doors, mirrors
  • Hardwood, laminate, tile, linoleum, carpet
  • Cleaning grout
  • Pet stains and odors
  • Refreshing fabrics
  • Car, boat, RV, garage
  • Unclogging drains
  • Killing dust mites and mold
  • Barbeques and grills

Hygienic environment without chemicals or detergents, eliminating 99% of bed bugs, bacteria and viruses. The natural power of steam for cleaning any kind of household surface, extremely versatile.

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The Eurosteam® XVapor is a multi-purpose, easy-to-use and super effective steam cleaner, that cleans effortlessly using the power of steam. The steam cleaner uses ordinary tap water; and unleashes the power of steam on the most stubborn stains and grime. Hot steam vapors from the steamer penetrate pores with embedded dirt in materials and on surfaces. The hot steam weakens the dirt or stain on different surfaces and the moisture ensures that the dirt, to be easily wiped clean. This super efficiency also reaches the most difficult-to-reach areas in your house as the steam cleaner comes pre-bundled with a variety of easy-to-use accessories, specially designed to reach places like behind the sink, between the tiles and below the faucet.

Since the steam cleaner uses only water, harmful and toxic cleaning chemicals are completely eliminated from your home. Not only does this make cleaning safer and healthier, but entirely removes cleaning chemicals and bleaches from your immediate environment and greatly benefits children and pets. The steam also removes 99% of bacteria and virus from the surface.

The Eurosteam® Xvapor is compact, light-weight and portable, and comes with an extension chord to easily remove dirt from kitchens, bathrooms, cars, floors, windows, mirrors and much more. The 1500W stainless steel boiler produces hot steam at 5 bar pressure. What’s more, with only 8 minutes of heating (lesser if warm water is used) the steamer will effortlessly clean for up to 50 minutes. The Eurosteam® Xvapor is your healthy, simple and effective answer to the most mulish stains and dirt in your house, and is helping people save time and money all over Canada.

Really clean with the power of steam.

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