We all clean our bathrooms to get rid of germs, soap scum and other bathroom messes but we are not really cleaning all the places that we should. There are dark places that hide all kinds of gross bathroom gunk and the only way to really clean is with the power of steam.

Steam clean your bathroom with the Eurosteam® XVapor 1500 without the use of harsh smelly chemicals and back breaking scrubbing. Millions of dollars are spent in Canada every year on chemical bathroom products and all they are doing is leaving behind a film of chemicals that is not healthy or really clean. High pressure steam from the portable and multi-purpose XVapor 1500 will do all of the work for you.
Here are a few places that never get cleaned properly but they will now!

  • Around the base of the toilet
  • Around where the toilet seat is attached to the bowl
  • Under the rim of the bowl
  • Grout on the tiled floor
  • Around all fixtures
  • Down the drains
  • Shower tile grout
  • Every nook and cranny in the shower

When you first steam clean your bathroom it may take a bit of time but you will know that your bathroom has never been cleaner; especially when you see the hidden horrors coming out. Use the steam to loosen and liquefy the mess and then simply wipe clean with a rag. Leaving nothing behind but a clean sanitized space that you will know harbours no hidden horrors.