Everyday Canadians could use a household steam cleaner to clean and disinfect their homes creating the heathy home that we all want. The Eurosteam® XVapor steam cleaner is the perfect tool to get the job done right, quickly and chemical free. Using high pressure steam, being portable and multi-purpose makes the XVapor household steam cleaner a must have to get every home 99.9% germ and bacteria, mold and mildew free.

Using chemical cleaners from spray bottles, cans and pre-soaked wipes leaves a chemical film on any surface that is cleaned with it. It also usually instructs to wipe with water after using chemicals, which no one does. The surfaces that our family, children and pets are on and touch every day; chemicals on human hands and animal paws make it into our mouths and that is not a heathy environment for any of us. Using the Eurosteam® XVapor steam cleaner on all hard, fabric and household surfaces removes soap scum, built up chemical layers, steaks, bed bugs, dust mites and hidden dirt and germs as well as mold and mildew leaving any surface really clean.

The XVapor household steam cleaner comes with a full array of accessories, which include detail nozzle, detail brushes, floor brush, glass squeegee and more to ensure that every surface from ceiling to floor is cleaned in the heathiest way possible; simply using water. Hospitals have used the power of steam cleaning knowing that it kills germs and bacteria as well as sterilize medical equipment and tools. Daycares use household steam cleaners to ensure that their toys and surrounding environment are safe and germ free for the health of staff and children. Many other industries ensure a healthy environment by utilizing steam cleaning as part of their health and safety practices.

Use the Eurosteam® XVapor in your home to have the healthies environment possible, every day.