The newest Eurosteam® steam cleaner is the powerful Xvapor 1500. It features a variety of on board tools, quick heating time and variable steam. Tools included will clean from steaming floors, squeegee glass, clean in tight spaces and refresh upholstery and fabrics. This is one machine that will clean and sanitize all around your home, RV, garage, car, cottage and anywhere else that steam cleaning is needed. Available across Canada, get one now.

Steam cleaning with the power of steam rather than chemicals will create a healthier, cleaner home making it safer for children, pets and allergy sufferers. The steam is over 100º at the tip and the moist heat works to loosen dirt and grime and kill 99% of bacteria leaving behind nothing but an exceptionally clean surface.

The Eurosteam® Xvapor 1500 is compact and light weight making it easy to move from room to room to get everything clean. With the large tank capacity and variable steam dial you can make the most of each tank of water to steam clean anywhere.

TIP: Steam all of your child’s toys and stuffed animals to kill invisible bacteria and germs, creating a heathier play space.

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