In Canada we spend millions of dollars every year buying chemicals to clean their tile floors, especially trying to clean grout. Tile floors can be in every room in a house and every time a tile floor gets washed the grout absorbs a lot of the dirty water and it looks dirty and dull very quickly. The power of high pressure steam will steam clean grout and make tile floors look like new.

The easily portable Eurosteam® XVapor 1500 steam cleaner is multi-purpose and will make a great grout steam cleaner as it has all the tools in the onboard tool box so changing attachments is easy. I used the small round brush and put the steam output on high. I let the steam out and slowly moved the brush back and forth; I didn’t really apply pressure but let the steam and the brush do all the work.

I started in the far corner of my bathroom and worked my way out. I spent quite a bit of time on each piece of grout, doing one grout line at a time to make sure that I got all of the dirty, grime and germs out.  Grout steam cleaning is another way to make sure that your home is 99.9% germ free and truly clean. No chemical residue left behind and clean floors that I know are healthy for my family. Grout steam cleaning is easy to do and I really liked seeing my work was paying off with brighter whiter grout.