The seasons have changed Canada and the barbeque is going to be fired up and enjoyed…but it really needs a good cleaning inside and out. Grills and burners need special attention to ensure that all the baked on sauce and charred bits are removed. The perfect barbeque steam cleaner is the Eurosteam® XVapor 1500.

Steam cleaning the barbeque is quick, easy and gets the grill really clean, with the power of steam. Place your grill on a tarp, plastic or newspaper, remove the fuel source and lay out the grills and burners. Gather a pile of rags and set up the XVapor 1500 steamer. Now the steam cleaning, heat up the Eurosteam® XVapor 1500 and use either the metal detail brush or the detail nozzle. Start in a small area and allow the steam to soften residue, let the high pressure steam do the work. Once the area has been softened use a rag to wipe clean and continue with the rest of the grills and do the same with the burners.

You can also steam clean the inside and outside of the body of the barbeque, even the side burners and frame will sparkle again. Put everything back together, attach the fuel source and you are ready to grill anything and everything. Using the power of steam to clean the barbeque will keep your barbeque heathy and ready to use for years to come.