The average Canadian business person spends close to $200.00 a year on Dry Cleaning their business attire. If they are like me, it is not really dirty; just needing refreshing so that I can wear it 2-3 more times. While I was using my Eurosteam® XVapor 1500 steam cleaner to clean my bathroom I thought; why not try this on my clothes?

I tried it and it works perfectly as a fabric steamer and by using steam it refreshes my clothes and saves on my dry cleaning. I turned the steam dial way down and held on to the bottom of the clothing that is on the hanger. I then used the steam cleaner in an up and down motion over the entire item. My first item, a suit jacket, had been worn to an event that had a cigar smoking area. I did not go into the area but my jacket had a slight odor to it. The Eurosteam® XVapor 1500 steam cleaner not only took out the wrinkles but refreshed the fabric and got rid of the odor. Steam kills bacteria and 99.9% of germ so the odor was gone, gone, gone and I did not have a dry cleaning bill. The jacket wasn’t dirty so why pay the dry cleaner to get the odor out when I can use my steam cleaner at home on all of my fabrics.

I used the window squeegee attachment and found that I could use the steam cleaner on the lowest steam release to refresh all of my clothes. It would on those fabrics, why not try it on my sofa? I love my dog but she does leave a certain doggy odor and my sofa had picked it up. I moved my easily portable steam cleaner into the family room and steamed all over the fabric. I let it dry and then did the nose test, odor gone!