Winter in Canada is over and next up is boat season! Across the country boats are coming out of storage and getting cleaned up for the season. Want to really clean your boat like never before? Use the power of steam to clean your boat inside and out with the Eurosteam@ XVapour 1500.

The Eurosteam® XVapor 1500 is designed to be light weight and easily portable which makes it the perfect buddy for maintaining your boats appearance. Using the detail nozzle and any other attachments you can clean all of the dirt and grime away easily and chemical free; no chemicals being washed into the water.

Steam clean around the interior and exterior details as well as lift stains from the interior carpet. Hull trim, motor lines and ladder can all be cleaned with steam to keep your boat looking like new. Inside the cup holders where it is hard to get really clean is now a quick steam, wipe and done. Trim details around windows can be steam cleaned to remove the grime that builds up naturally; with the power of all natural steam.